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After I decided to join him, he seemed quite startled.

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She always was mean to him, and unfortunately, he was right about her!

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I was referred to a guy who worked with Dominants.

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" "I've told you before.

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And I'd been looking forward to having Chris join us this year for it all. However, my parents informed me they had decided to spend the winter in Florida after last year's accident.

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" "You'd cry, too, if it was Christmas and you were missing out on a turkey dinner the way you'd always had it. For the second time!" I let loose of the tears now, wetting the pillow.

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Everything I had planned to say to Jolie-to Dirk if he was present-just slipped away.

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I didn't keep much else in there and couldn't remember what was left. We'd only used the contents a couple of times while watching a movie due to my roommate always being here.

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