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The girls recently had a little fun in the locker room and recorded it. During detention, the camera came out, and as the girls watched it, they reminisced over their recent sexual exploration.

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The complaining voices were almost as bad as the feeling of claustrophobia that started to set in the longer I stood in one place.

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" "Shh.

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Oh, God. My hand shook when I reached out and touched the gold ring with the small teardrop-shaped diamond that kept sparkling because his hand was shaking.

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There was a muffled shout from the other side. I didn't even cringe.

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" I tried to get my senses back together while he untied my hands.

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Driving me even further up to the pinnacle but not letting me drop in a perfectly executed game of cat and mouse.

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I'd compromised to the moon and back.

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He must have taken hold of the pillow because when I tried to pull on it to swing again, there was resistance. And then I was being pushed onto my back.

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We hadn't done much talking that night in the hotel, and I'd made myself scarce this past year when they were in the apartment.

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